South America Cruises, Vacations in South America

English: South America. An orthographic projec...English: South America. An orthographic projection of NASA's Blue Marble data set (1 km resolution global satellite composite). Image generated by custom Python code with orthographic projection formulas from MathWorld. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why choose a cruise around South America? Nature, adventure, charm, elegance, rhythm, life. America welcomes you with all its contradictions and nuances, a succession of fascinating landscapes, natural parks, beaches, huge cities and small villages.

South America is a place of extreme contrasts, from the steamy beaches and rain forests to Cabo Frio in Brazil only with sea water flows from the South Pole. From the passionate dances in the tango halls of Buenos Aires to the calm, glittering golden churches that line the streets. What unites them all is a great love of beauty and hopefully you too.

A cruise to South America will meet your expectations. Explore the Southern Cone, Rio de Janeiro to Valparaiso, across the Cape Horn as the ancient mariners. Browse the Amazon from Manaus to the warm Caribbean Sea. American West along the coast from Punta Arenas to San Francisco to visit the ports of Santiago de Chile, Lima, Quito, San Juan del Sur, Acapulco, and many others. Enjoy the port of Buenos Aires and Patagonia Argentina so well represented in Ushuaia to finish navigating the icy seas of Antarctica. A cruise to South America will be the cruise of your dreams.

Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, has a wealth of cultural riches to offer the traveler, as its history, its wildlife and its music. Its capital Rio de Janeiro, with its famous "Rio Carnival" also will be the future site of the Olympic Games. Our South American cruises are a great way to enjoy spring in style.


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